High-end technologies in Sankon Machinery products offer innovative and efficient results for users. 
Some of the technologies that make a difference in the machines we produce are:

  • Sankon fabric spreading machine is equipped with technologies that give successful results in the spreading of fabrics with high stretching properties such as lycra, combed cotton, open-width knit, tulle.
  • Fabric milking; It is performed by rotating the fabric ball with the conveyor belts in synchronization with the machine laying speed and taking the tensions that may have occurred during the winding. (With the Tanzervals system, all types of fabrics are laid without being exposed to any tension.
  • Edge alignment with photocell, automatic (programmed) laying feature is provided.
  • Sankon Machine specific  on two wheels special laying system that gives movement.
  • Self-controlled computerized full electronic system.
  • Automatic cutting at the end of the floor.(With the technology specific to Sankon Makine, fast and length-adjusted cutting is optionally available. )
  • Working within the sensitivity limit of 5 mm at the end of the fabric layers being laid while working with cut laying.
  • Tanzer Roller: It is used to automatically adjust the fabric feeding speed by sensing the tension or loosening that may occur on the freely laid fabric. . (It is controlled by a linear optical switch connected to the Tanzer Vals computer system.)
  • The spreading mechanism (Zig Zag group) whose rise amount is precisely adjusted according to the fabric thickness
  • System with operator platform. (The structure that carries the worker during laying.)
  • Max. fabric laying speed is 100 m/min.
  • Max. fabric laying height is 220 mm for cut and zig zag laying.
  • Max. Cloth ball diameter is 600 mm. The maximum fabric ball weight is 120 kg. The cutting height is 22 cm.
  • Possibility to work on 2 tables with the transfer system.
  • Working with the encoder system (Control of quantity and joint space from the computer screen, smart start and end system, automatic calibration , 100% safety, ergonomic and easy to use)
  • With the push of a button, the fabric automatically descends to the spreading group.
  • In case of any error that may occur in the fabric roll, it is ensured that the faulty part is wrapped in the same winding evenness by pressing a single button while the machine is moving or stopped.
  • With the technology exclusive to Sankon Machinery. Possibility of spreading the reverse-wrapped fabric with the push of a single button.
  • Super control system with encoder, programmable from the touch screen. Touch screen control and possibility to select the writing language on the screen.
  • Clamping within +3.5 mm sensitivity limit when working with zig-zag spreading apparatus.
  • Clamping apparatus used when working with zig-zag spreading apparatus is optional. Depending on the heating element, it is produced with the addition of resistance. (Specially designed for denim fabric.)
  • The drive pool on the machine that allows the conveyor belts to work synchronized with the machine laying speed.
  • Daily and general production report.
  • Separately adjustable laying while working with segmented paving and return speed.