Conveyor Belt Table


Conveyor belt system, which can operate at the same time as the automatic fabric spreading machine table with the conveyor belt cutter cutter, and moves with the signal data it receives from the cutter,
For this reason, the fabric can be pulled without human power, so it ensures that the marker is cut in a healthy way without elongation.
The cutter moves simultaneously with the cutter machine with the signal it receives from the automatic cutter inverter.

  • Moving markers on the table with the motorized conveyor belt system
  • Operation on the table of the desired length with one person
  • Transferring to the cut without stretching the fabric
  • One or more conveyor system options on the same table
  • Synchronous and independent working setting with Cutter
  • Laser cut 2 mm galvanized sheet construction
  • Safe working structure in accordance with CE legislation
  • Autonomous driving feature