SNK 120 PRO - Fabric Spreading Machine


  • With the "Smart Spreading Control System" special to Sankon, in addition to the automatic tension control adjustment, the possibility of loose or tight spreading adjustment
  • Edge alignment with photocell (+/- 2 mm precision)
  • Touchscreen with PLC unit, language options (Turkish - English etc.) display and advanced electronic automation
  • Stretch-free fabric of lycra, combed, woven, knitted fabrics designed for laying
  • Automatic cutting at the end of each layer and “Smart Cutting” artificial intelligence cutting without wastage at the end of the marker using
  • Precise metering and floor counter with encoder system
  • Easy spreading on all kinds of fabrics up to 120 Kg with automatic tension system
  • Quiet and vibration-free operation, rigid construction
  • +/- 5 mm sensitivity at the end of the fold depending on the fabric type
  • Motorized spiral that helps remove fabric wrinkles opener roller
  • Forward and reverse different speed options and autonomous driving
  • Automatic stop with optical safety sensor
  • Decaturation platform made of stacked bales (optional)

  • Our machines are exported to many countries in the world, especially Egypt, Belarus, Austria, Bulgaria and Uzbekistan. As Sankon group, we are as close as a phone call to serve you, our valued customers, at all times.

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