Fabric Control Machine


Sankon fabric inspection machine stands out from its competitors with important technologies. Thanks to the inverter in the system, the Sankon fabric control machine, which offers the possibility of winding the fabric in the desired tightness (with potons), is produced from dkp sheet metal body and coated with electrostatic oven paint. offers.

  • 45 degree top and bottom lighting pan
  • White light, daylight selection
  • 6mm. tempered frosted glass
  • Final spiral opener before winding rollers
  • 1pc for straight edge winding photocell redactor motor and 1 inverter
  • Speed adjustment and rewind possibility
  • 5 geared motors and 1 gearless motor
  • 5 x 0.75 inverters
  • 4mm. dkp sheet body
  • Electrostatic oven paint
  • Maximum fabric width 290 cm
  • Maximum fabric diameter 50 cm
  • BRL 305 Electronic control unit
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